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Agreement and Eligibility Notification

Enrollment Agreement

I understand that I am enrolling in the online course West Virginia Security Guard Essentials. I further understand that I am taking the above course free of coercion and in order to gain knowledge in the field of security. I understand that my taking this course does not bind or obligate security agencies to hire me in any form or represent that I will be hired with any agency in any form. I also understand that this course will not license me in my state as a security officer.  

I understand that it is my responsibility to know and understand all current West Virginia State laws, rules, and regulations that pertain to security guards while performing the duties thereof, whether or not they are contained in this course.

Eligibility Notification

Please be advised that the state of West Virginia requires security guards to be registered and security guard businesses to be licensed through the Secretary of State. Per West Virginia Code Chapter 30, Article 18 (, employees of licensed security companies must:   

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Be a U.S. citizen 
  • Not have had any previous license revoked or application denied 
  • Not have been declared incompetent by reason of mental defect or disease 
  • Not suffer from habitual drunkenness or from narcotics addiction or dependence 
  • Not been convicted of a felony 
  • Not been convicted of any of the following: 
    • Illegally using, carrying, or possessing a pistol or other dangerous weapon 
    • Making or possessing burglars instruments 
    • Buying or receiving stolen property 
    • Entering a building unlawfully 
    • Aiding an inmates escape from prison 
    • Possessing or distributing illicit drugs 

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