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Texas Level II Non-Commissioned Security Officer Course Agreement

Enrollment Agreement and Eligibility Notification

Enrollment Agreement

I understand that I am enrolling in the online course Texas - Level II Non-Commissioned Officer Training Course and that the cost of the course is $65 (non-refundable). I further understand that I am taking the above course free of coercion and in order to gain knowledge in the field of security. I understand that my taking this course does not bind or obligate security agencies to hire me in any form or represent that I will be hired with any agency in any form. I also understand that this course will not license me as a security officer. 

Eligibility Notification

“Please be advised under the Private Security Act (Occ. Code Chapter 1702) and Administrative Rule 35.4 (37 Tex. Admin. Code 1), a criminal conviction may disqualify you from a registration, commission or license under the Act. Please review Rule 35.4’s list of disqualifying offenses and the related periods of ineligibility which is attached and available on the department’s website at (click on the link to Administrative Code) prior to class enrollment or payment. You also have a right to request from the department a criminal history evaluation letter under Occupations Code Section 53.102.” 


I hereby state that I was fully informed, aware, and understand all the information listed above, and I am fully aware that taking this training course is not a guarantee that a license will be granted by the licensing agency.

I was informed, of the following;
• The potential ineligibility of an individual who has been convicted of a criminal offense;
• The department’s current eligibility guidelines (the board’s administrative rules) issued under
Occupations Code, Section 53.025;
• Any other state or local restriction or guideline used by the department to determine the eligibility of
an individual who has been convicted of an offense; and
• The right to request a criminal history evaluation under Occupations Code Section 53.102.

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